Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Ads from an SL Oldtimer

Matthew Perreault of The Matthew Project is featured today!
Two songs from his LP February -
my new old favs
- The Skyline Hotel
- The One Percenters

A bit of bio about Matthew (from his notecard at Mad Wax Records)

He was born and raised in rural Texas, and landed gigs in North Texas. He took a leap of faith to New York in 2002 to start a solo career, and then moved back to Dallas/Ft Worth in 2006.

In 2003, his songs off of his debut solo album, Texas, were featured on the PBS series Roadtrip Nation, and on National Public Radio's All Songs Considered. His second album, February, was released in 2008.

He's been on the grid for awhile - August 16, 2006!

Mad Wax Records in the Chilbo Community of Madhupak

Look for him on the grid, check SL calendar listings - here's his most recent upcoming gigs:
1/19/10 Luxor Stage, 7pm SLT
1/20/10 Stampede Cannon Country, 5pm SLT

Matthew's music is available on iTunes.

:) Soni

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