Saturday, December 11, 2010

New New to BOSL Radio

New adds to my Slow Bake, Saturdays, 2-4PM SLT with yours truly, Sonicity Fitzroy, as your BOSL Radio host.

This week, we add:
Nesto Silverfall!

Last week's add:
Phemie Alcott!

Be looking for these artists on BOSL Radio and live on the grid!

Support LIVE MUSIC - the venue and the artists!

:) Soni!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Holiday Tunes, SL Style

Soni's back this Saturday and bringing you SL Holiday Favorites on BOSL Radio! and if you are looking for a HOT club for those winter blahs that's always jumping, check out Hotlanta for swinging blues.

:) Soni

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Good Things Come From Problems

Soni had technical issues today. So no show but...I did catch this relatively newcomer to the grid singing live. Check out Moerudd Unplugged. He plays the lap guitar, and does a cool Floyd set.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Make the BOSL Connection to your Home!

See you around the grid.
Tune into BOSL Radio, Saturdays, 2-4PM SLT, for my BOSL radio show, featuing SL Singers and Musicians.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Music by Frogg - LATEST BOSL add

One of BOSL's latest music a collection of tunes from Second Live's Frogg Marlowe.
Catch him this weekend on the grid.

Friday Nov. 5, 7PM SLT
Frogg Marlowe & Jaycatt Nico

Saturday Nov. 6, 7PM SLT
Frogg Marlowe & Jaycatt Nico on Heron Island!



Here's the official bio:

Frogg Marlowe has always been involved in the performing arts, from music to theater. Early on in Frogg's musical career he was involved in a jazz choir, which can still be heard in his vocals, and especially in acapella songs. Acquiring a harmonica soon followed, and Frogg spent many a night at the local venues combining the two. Even though most all his songs now include guitar, he has only been playing it for about five years.

Frogg started playing in SL over a year ago, and thanks to all the support is still going strong. It's difficult to categorize Frogg's playing style, but it involves a lot of jazz, blues, and folk. These days, he is usually joined on stage by Jaycatt Nico, who started playing during his show breaks and now helps out with a wide variety of duets. Frogg has his own website with a CD for sale, at

Listen for Frogg's music on BOSL Radio!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Slooooo Baking - Soni's Cooking at Sher's Party

Photos of Soni from Sher Salmson's Rez Day party, Tuesday, October 26th. Sher manages musicians among the top on the grid.

Stay tuned for another weekend show featuring SL Musicians this Saturday! 2PM SLT-4PM SLT on BOSL RADIO

love ya,
your host

Soni :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Calling All SL Musicians

Photos of singer/musician Senjata Witt at Madrina's! I want her music and I want yours!

I am on the search for more Second Life musicians for my show, Slow Bake, on Saturdays! Calling all SL musicans - IM me!

Soni for BOSL Radio!

Check out my other music blogs at

Enjoy your Weekend!

:) Soni

BTW: Madrina's at

Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Adds from Phemie Alcott

Phemie Alcott is a wonderful singer and musician. I just added some of her tunes to my BOSL radio playlist.

Gina Stella was watching Phemie perform, and of course Gina is a "stellar" performer as well!

So be sure to check Phemie and Gina on the grid, and on my BOSL radio show Saturdays, 2-4PM SLT

Phemie performed 10.2.10, 8PM SLT, at Key West Island
Key West Resort and Marina

:) Soni!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

new adds to bring in October!

New Adds from SL Musicians....
Don Galager
Krissy Fairport
David Csiszer
Auburn Melody

:) Soni

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Faces Behind the Music

A typical night for me is checking out the music scene. Okay, after a long Wednesday in RL and a short nap, I checked the SL event listings, and was happy to catch the second half of an AcousticEnergy concert. If you don't know AE, here's a recent blog I wrote about him performing at Nantucket. On this Wednesday night, it was good to chill to AE's music, and to hear him mention my name in one of his songs (LOL), always fun even though that is part of his regular routine to mention names of his listeners and weave them into the lyrics.

* * *
So then I popped off to hear LizAday Solo. I recently featured her music on my SL Music Show (now Saturdays, 2-4PM SLT) on BOSL Radio. I never saw her in performance. So this was a great experience, to put voice to AV, at the venue Four Moons. All good fun. She was performing with golden Xenno on bass.

* * *
Then off to The Roof at NYC. Always a blast there, and plenty of live music compliments of owner Lingual Markus. Another cool guy. The Roof is styled for Big Apple lovers. On this night, Chip Takacs was performing. He started off with some classic Floyd, and then went through a range of rock tunes. Self admittedly, he was a bit nervous, but you couldn't tell. His show transitioned well and he had fun with his audience. His bio states that he is "a Motown & Clapton influenced Blues Guitar player. He digs oldies with a guitar sound & Classic Rock from the 60's and 70s. He has a typical Brooklyn attitude and isn't afraid to let it flow at his show, and the music has the same bend." You gotta love his accent, and the bit of seasoned gravel in his voice that added a nostaglic charm, as if stepping back a few decades.

Here's some shots below. BTW, he's the guy with the guitar. Lingual is hanging with BOSL events reporter, Kara Trapdoor.

See you around the grid.
Tune into BOSL Radio, Saturdays, 2-4PM SLT, for my BOSL radio show, featuing SL Singers and Musicians.

* * *
:) Soni

Friday, September 17, 2010

Moving Again!!!

Soni's Slow Bake - Second Life Musicians playing original tunes,
Saturdays, 2PM - 4PM SLT.
Live at the Renaissance Galleria in Second Life.
Come join me!!!!

Listen anywhere:

BOSL Radio, the new in-world station broadcasting live everyday to Second Life Residents and Online, showcasing the Best of Second Life! - Updates

Friday, September 3, 2010

Slow Bake at 3PM SLT this Sunday.

Change of time this week, but the show still features the best in Second Life musicans. Pass along some names of SL bands and artists to me.

IM Sonicity Fitzroy

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Featured Slow Bake Artists this Week

Being a DJ for BOSL Radio on the Glorious Second Life gives me a heads up on the latest and greatest Second Life musicians. This week, I debut two fine musicians, Dann Russo and Zerbie Magic, on my Slow Bake show (dedicated to SL musicians).
Slow Bake, BOSL Radio, Sundays, 2PM-4PMSLT

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Get on Trax for Music Magic!

Just a quick note where to find some of your favorite SL musicians. Visit Trax to sample some of SL's renowned artists and newcomers. You can listen to the featured albums displayed, and there are also live events too there. Check out the August calendar.

Stayed tuned as I feature the talented music of Zerbie Magic soon. Meanwhile, check her out on myspace. A good friend of mine, Lowe Runo, founder of the SL Machinima Artist Guild, produced a video of one of her tunes on the site as well. Good stuff!
Soni :)
Playing SL Music on BOSL Radio, Sunday afternoons, 2 to 4 PM SLT

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Metaverse Music Channel!!!!

Did you know...the All New Music Television Channel launches today,
Sunday, August 15th at 11AM SLT.

It is Metaverse TV's new all music channel, Grid Hitz. Today there is a "massive" kick off concert. Performance from Engrama, Lance Rembrandt, Ganjo Mokeev and the UKD Project. It will be a super concert today!

Very cool! For essential info to get there or to view,

:) Soni

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Request Line is Open :)

Just a reminder, I am always seeking originals from SL Musicians to play on my BOSL Radio shows. Email me!

Have a great idea for my show, or a request, just IM or Email!

:) Soni
Photo above, me at Club Nine, Monday nights, 8PM-10PM

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lovin SL Music

Featured this weekend on my show SLOW BAKE, CraigLyons Writer, Damian Carbenell (pictured above), Gina Stella, Mankind Tracer, The Follow, Strum Diesel, Lance Rembrandt, and Juel Resistance. More to come....

SLOW BAKE is all about featuring original music from SL musicians.

Email Sonicity for more info at

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mankind Does It Again and Again

It was the debut of Mankind Tracer's new album, "The Depth of Shadows," and the launch of his video stream as he performed in SL and live from his RL studio. BOSL Radio's Persia Bravin, labella Farella, and Editorial Clarity sat near the front of the Patch Thibaud auditorium for an intimate look at the RL/SL singing superstar in action.

Persia interviewed Mankind earlier Saturday on the radio during the BOSL morning show. Edi and labella handed over the stream to the duo for the more than an hour interview. Here's an earlier blog with the details.

The full recording of Persia's Mankind Tracer interview on the BOSL Breakfast show is archived here.

Be sure to check out some of his album on my weekly SL Music show on BOSL Radio.

:) Soni!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Booking New Talent on BOSL Radio

Some of you know I am a RL teacher, and I also teach in SL during the school year. Wow, only a little over a month left for my summer vacation. I know you don't feel sorry for me. LOL. Summers are great for me to play and work in Second Life, especially writing for BOSL and doing radio for them.

But I have a research project this summer as well. Maybe you can help? I am going to change up my radio show and play original music from SL Musicians, and would be willing to pick up some indie band originals too. I will be featuring full length albums at times, some interviews and other feature stuff along this line.

Send me your original MP3s at!

Let's educate the mainstream that indie musicians are talented too!


Soni :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Soni Rocks America

Here's "Soni Rocks America," my machinima spin on Miley Cyrus' Party in USA, in time for the USA Independence Day, July 4th. I got a few friends together, and literary threw this together just to stir up some summer fun! (Psst, this video is only public for the holiday! Sometimes I have to let loose!) Here's my producer statement that I posted on Aview TV. Be sure to watch in HD 720 or 1080 for this link.

Happy Birthday USA!

- Soni!