Saturday, February 19, 2011

Adding Strummer Diesel To SLOW BAKE

Stummer*Vultee plays an all original music show at NAG during the time of my show, Slow Bake! Just saying, you might check him out. I won't mind, but I will be playing some of his tunes, you bet, during my BOSL radio show. 11amSLTSaturdays, for Soni's Slow Bake or Strummer's Live Original Music Show at Nag.


Strummer Song adds....
Baby Sez's
Blue Skies
Love Has Found Me
My Addiction
That Ain't Rain.

Dig it!

Love, Soni! :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

adding ColeMarie Soleil

BOSL radio is honored to add Musician and Machinimist ColeMarie Soleil to our radio playlist!! File photos from September 2010 grand opening of Virtual Harlem and revamping of neighboring Parisian district Virtual Montmartre. Montmartre.
ColeMarie's machinima: