Saturday, February 11, 2012

Around the Grid on Ground Hog Day

The ground hog exclaimed, "Six more weeks of winter."   So I knew if I went in-world, I could escape the disheartening news - warming up to new and old musician friends.

I came across Franck Molko (far top) a little over a week ago, dropping into Gwampa's Dance Kamp and catching his show.  He's a singer/songerwriter/storyteller - and of course seasoned musician.  He is comfortable with his guitar, and playing in front of his audience, be it a large or small crowd.  He is an intimate singer, one that sneaks into your heart and soul, and his voice carries with him seemingly the wisdom of the ages, a bit folksy with his charming accent.  But it is more than that, Franck taps into a personal vibe that reverberates beyond his guitar and the virtual world.  This is real music - his own originals plus John Prine, Jim Cuddy, Jimmy McCarthy, etc.    His manager and partner/wife, Scarlet Auggers-Molko, sent me a few songs upon request for my radio show (BOSL radio, Saturdays 1pm SL), so be sure to turn in.  Better yet, look up Franck for his next live performance and catch him in person.

Also I found this video of him online by another music lover, catch it here:

And a real life one too - a.k.a. Peter Francks, catch him here!

*  *  *
I caught another passionate singer/musician, Bronze8020.  I will find out more about him!  Soon!

I plan to go back and catch more of his show and energy - as well as gets some downloads :)

*  *  * 
Then I was off to listen to my good friend AcousticEnergy, playing at Willow Park @ Dark Desire.

I wish I had more than one live track from AE.  He's been on the grid for long time, adding his own flavor to covers and an amazing set of originals.   He is timeless, a mix of passionate vibes and fun loving interaction with is fans.

More to come, keep tuned to my blog and BOSL radio stream for more.

:) Soni