Saturday, October 8, 2011

"In A Year" Album

A wonderful capture of the Second Life music scene featuring:  AcousticEnergy Nitely, Anek Fuchs, Avantgarde Frequency, Boxing Dei Dei, Christopher Quan, Damian Carbenell, Frets Nirvanna, Gina Gracemount, Jase Branner, Louis Volare, Maximillion Kleene, MichaelJames Magic, Quantamis Navarathna, Rae Delicioso & Lehman Shinn, Rapture Damone, Soar, Stella Silvansky, TerryLynn Melody, and TwinGhost.  The album is called "In A Year."   It was available at Under the Willows music venue, where all the musicians had played live last weekend.   I played about a third of the album on my show, Slow Bake, on BOSL Radio (Saturdays, typically 11AM SLT).   If you can pick up a copy, it is a treat!  

Soni :)