Saturday, August 18, 2012

Meld with AM Quar

AM Quar (a.k.a. Andre Massicotte) is a wonderful musician - a fusion of multiple styles that highlight his detailed skill in instrumental and vocal performance.    Slow Bake is pleased to count him among the SL musicians on the show.    French is his native language, but he glides in and out of the English language with ease.  Anticipate lusciously heavy vocals inside beautiful guitar playing as blues, blues rock, progressive rock are fused with elegance and strength.  I featured him in 2010, but with his music added to the Slow Bake play list, he is worth another look and listen.   Hear him on BOSL radio and catch him live on the grid.  

Thieves of SunRise
PostNote:  Be on the look out for the Dallas, Texas band Thieves of SunRise, recently signed by an Indie label Knox Asylum Records - the debut song (at least the tune I heard from its manager) is No Time to Waste. The song is available on itunes, spotify, amazon mp3 and all major online retailers, according to the label president.  The band has been picking up steam online and on mainstream radio.  I played the Southern Rock styled tune on BOSL Radio today with great response!  It rocks, is an understatement.  All I can say is Get them playing on the grid!   The label representative is known as DJ Aki in SL, and I first heard the tune during his set at Big Momma's House of Rock.   Stay tuned for more - when I know, you will too! Here's the band's old web site, but just know its label info has not been updated,

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May in Pics

I looked over my photos from May, and realized I still had so many that I had not posted.  I thought I would share them as we wound down the month.   Simply photos of some of your favorites!  -  and some of your rooftop favs like Sweet Lilly Pinelli and AMForte.  Maybe you were there. My rounds took me all over the grid, but these are some of the photos not posted - also including MrMikie and The Dreamers, Tusko Okey, and last night I closed out the month with Freestar Tammas at Villa Lobos!

Me (above) hangin' with my friend Valiant Westland.  He was truly impressed, as most are with The Roof upon their first visit.  Lingual Markus (below) of The Roof@NYC always draws an amazing crowd, and has his share of full sims on his rooftops.  

For a change of pace, what about Mr. Mikie and The Dreamers.  

And the beat went on with Tusko Okey!   Always a rockin' bluesy show.

Last night I dropped into the last half of the show Freestar Tammas. WHAT a smooth voice, with a perfect vocal range. You gotta hear her!!! She masters the top talents of today, and of the recent past.

Hope you enjoyed the picture show!

Be sure to support live music!  By the way, the BOSL Radio summer schedule is always a bit off, depending on our live radio remote.  Catch me when you can on weekends (usually Saturdays 11AM SLT) playing your SL favorite musicians on the radio!

:) Soni

Monday, April 9, 2012

Phideaux at The Vault!

Phideaux Mayo, SL publisher of Retropolitan Magazine, has recently made her debut singing - well second debut.  She used to sing, but had to take a break for real life reasons.    But she is back stronger than ever, after missing that creative aspect of her SL life.

She was fab, and she certainly has a way with torch songs.  Songs included: It's Not Unusual, Strangers in the Night, Once in My Life, Downtown, Call Me Irresponsible, Come Rain or Come Shine, My Aphrodisiac is You,  and Somewhere Over the Rainbow, so forth.  Belinda and I enjoyed the evening, and many others did as well for The Vault was packed.

And many stayed for the dj afterwards -

Catch Phideaux at The Vault, along with a long list of talented singers featured there regularly.  Breidaia Vlodovic, the manager, was on hand.  Among those in attendance were Lola (bebop00a00lula), Nina Bean (nina.brandenburg), Hempy Weezles, Tyrehl Byk, Dr. Flee (fleemingjenkin), Krill (krillion.hax), BB Macalroy, Scott Wassep, Genamalfi,ᵈᶞᶥᶥ ᶠᵃᶜᵉ (rubystone.ravenheart), Cupcakesweet Beeswing, Nikki (nikkianderson), kun0ichi, tannerbubble and others who dropped in through the set.

Phideaux Mayo, The Vault, 9-10pm SLT, every other Friday.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Pilgrim

I have been playing Pete Mroz's music for more than a year now on BOSL radio.   I had a chance to catch him live again at Wild Hearts Desire, and you know he never ceases to amaze me with his professional and smooth sound.   The guy is as real as they come in this virtual space.

He keeps a busy RL schedule as a performer.   We can be happy he makes the time to come into Second Life, so we can all hear him live.  He is also known as Pilgrim75 Swashbuckler in Second Life. 

Check out Pete Mroz's music,

:) Soni

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Welcome to Slow Bake - Tone Uriza

This week on Slow Bake, I feature SL's very own Tone Uriza, known in RL as the "Tony" in the band "The Torpedoes," a band formed in the mid 1990s.  Tony, a master of the classic and contemporary blues, was born in Ajo, Arizona, and carries the flavor of the Southwest in his music into Second Life as Tone, his virtual incarnation.

[Photo from Tony's Web site]
Catch the buzz about his real life here:

Check the SL Calendar for his next appearance on the Grid!
Here's a sample of him in SL, compliments of Daily Motion.

Catch you online!  BOSL Radio!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Around the Grid on Ground Hog Day

The ground hog exclaimed, "Six more weeks of winter."   So I knew if I went in-world, I could escape the disheartening news - warming up to new and old musician friends.

I came across Franck Molko (far top) a little over a week ago, dropping into Gwampa's Dance Kamp and catching his show.  He's a singer/songerwriter/storyteller - and of course seasoned musician.  He is comfortable with his guitar, and playing in front of his audience, be it a large or small crowd.  He is an intimate singer, one that sneaks into your heart and soul, and his voice carries with him seemingly the wisdom of the ages, a bit folksy with his charming accent.  But it is more than that, Franck taps into a personal vibe that reverberates beyond his guitar and the virtual world.  This is real music - his own originals plus John Prine, Jim Cuddy, Jimmy McCarthy, etc.    His manager and partner/wife, Scarlet Auggers-Molko, sent me a few songs upon request for my radio show (BOSL radio, Saturdays 1pm SL), so be sure to turn in.  Better yet, look up Franck for his next live performance and catch him in person.

Also I found this video of him online by another music lover, catch it here:

And a real life one too - a.k.a. Peter Francks, catch him here!

*  *  *
I caught another passionate singer/musician, Bronze8020.  I will find out more about him!  Soon!

I plan to go back and catch more of his show and energy - as well as gets some downloads :)

*  *  * 
Then I was off to listen to my good friend AcousticEnergy, playing at Willow Park @ Dark Desire.

I wish I had more than one live track from AE.  He's been on the grid for long time, adding his own flavor to covers and an amazing set of originals.   He is timeless, a mix of passionate vibes and fun loving interaction with is fans.

More to come, keep tuned to my blog and BOSL radio stream for more.

:) Soni

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Blair Bond is Back! with a greater vision!

Blair Bond is an incredible musician.  His talent is evident from the moment he plays or sings a note.  He is not a newcomer to Second Life, dating back to early 2008 on a different avatar.   And obviously he is much older than 5 years in real life, for he is a seasoned performer!   Thanks, CC Teardrop for tip!  A great find!

His song - Your Vision - has now been added to my show Slow Bake on BOSL Radio.   My radio show features SL musicians and singers who perform in-world (and many in RL professionally).    It can be typically heard on Saturdays, 11AM PST (SLT) at the BOSL Radio Station, located at the Renaissance Galleria.  That is our radio station headquarters, but sometimes we take our show across the grid for some old fashioned radio remotes.   Join us!   The BOSL Radio blog is coming soon.

Or listen on our stream online or anywhere on the grid.  If the stream doesn't work, try again and contact me, and I will see if can help in-world during my show.

Blair will be performing - Saturday, January 21st, noon (PST/SLT) - at Kickin' a range of styles, a bit of reggae, Caribbean, smooth jazz to rock. Then - on Sunday, January 22nd, he's back at Kickin' 6AMSLT.

He's got some other live gigs coming up soon, like Irie Vibes - check out the local events scene on the SL search browser.

Sonicity Fitzroy :)