Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sonicity's "Slow Bake" Playlist

Tune into....Soni's Slow Bake

SLOW BAKE with Sonicity Fitzoy features a mix of indie alternative pop/rock favs, classics and newly released, and unsigned - with hopes of growing a quality collection of SL artists, especially females!

playlist includes indie pop/rock/alt smooth album cuts....and just some funky low key pop/hip-hop/and this/that from The Apples In Stereo, Phantogram, dig, The Morning Benders, Four Tet, The Soft Pack, Local Natives, Spoon, Loose Logic, Frightened Rabbit, Beach House, Zero, Turin Brakes, Sean Fournier, Robert Lee Hall, AMforte Clarity, Audra Hardt, Ay-14ice, Doune, Erica Shine, Grayscale, Intercontinental Music,Lab, Tunguska Electronic Music Society, pornophonique, dig, Without the, Artman, Bella Looney, The Follow, Zach Hillyard Band, Allison Crow,The Cuban Missile, Point-Blank, Anat Damon, The Havingas, The Trees, Circa Vitae, etc.

Who? LOL. Tune it, you'll hear what I mean!