Monday, April 9, 2012

Phideaux at The Vault!

Phideaux Mayo, SL publisher of Retropolitan Magazine, has recently made her debut singing - well second debut.  She used to sing, but had to take a break for real life reasons.    But she is back stronger than ever, after missing that creative aspect of her SL life.

She was fab, and she certainly has a way with torch songs.  Songs included: It's Not Unusual, Strangers in the Night, Once in My Life, Downtown, Call Me Irresponsible, Come Rain or Come Shine, My Aphrodisiac is You,  and Somewhere Over the Rainbow, so forth.  Belinda and I enjoyed the evening, and many others did as well for The Vault was packed.

And many stayed for the dj afterwards -

Catch Phideaux at The Vault, along with a long list of talented singers featured there regularly.  Breidaia Vlodovic, the manager, was on hand.  Among those in attendance were Lola (bebop00a00lula), Nina Bean (nina.brandenburg), Hempy Weezles, Tyrehl Byk, Dr. Flee (fleemingjenkin), Krill (krillion.hax), BB Macalroy, Scott Wassep, Genamalfi,ᵈᶞᶥᶥ ᶠᵃᶜᵉ (rubystone.ravenheart), Cupcakesweet Beeswing, Nikki (nikkianderson), kun0ichi, tannerbubble and others who dropped in through the set.

Phideaux Mayo, The Vault, 9-10pm SLT, every other Friday.