Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May in Pics

I looked over my photos from May, and realized I still had so many that I had not posted.  I thought I would share them as we wound down the month.   Simply photos of some of your favorites!  -  and some of your rooftop favs like Sweet Lilly Pinelli and AMForte.  Maybe you were there. My rounds took me all over the grid, but these are some of the photos not posted - also including MrMikie and The Dreamers, Tusko Okey, and last night I closed out the month with Freestar Tammas at Villa Lobos!

Me (above) hangin' with my friend Valiant Westland.  He was truly impressed, as most are with The Roof upon their first visit.  Lingual Markus (below) of The Roof@NYC always draws an amazing crowd, and has his share of full sims on his rooftops.  

For a change of pace, what about Mr. Mikie and The Dreamers.  

And the beat went on with Tusko Okey!   Always a rockin' bluesy show.

Last night I dropped into the last half of the show Freestar Tammas. WHAT a smooth voice, with a perfect vocal range. You gotta hear her!!! She masters the top talents of today, and of the recent past.

Hope you enjoyed the picture show!

Be sure to support live music!  By the way, the BOSL Radio summer schedule is always a bit off, depending on our live radio remote.  Catch me when you can on weekends (usually Saturdays 11AM SLT) playing your SL favorite musicians on the radio!

:) Soni