Saturday, January 21, 2012

Blair Bond is Back! with a greater vision!

Blair Bond is an incredible musician.  His talent is evident from the moment he plays or sings a note.  He is not a newcomer to Second Life, dating back to early 2008 on a different avatar.   And obviously he is much older than 5 years in real life, for he is a seasoned performer!   Thanks, CC Teardrop for tip!  A great find!

His song - Your Vision - has now been added to my show Slow Bake on BOSL Radio.   My radio show features SL musicians and singers who perform in-world (and many in RL professionally).    It can be typically heard on Saturdays, 11AM PST (SLT) at the BOSL Radio Station, located at the Renaissance Galleria.  That is our radio station headquarters, but sometimes we take our show across the grid for some old fashioned radio remotes.   Join us!   The BOSL Radio blog is coming soon.

Or listen on our stream online or anywhere on the grid.  If the stream doesn't work, try again and contact me, and I will see if can help in-world during my show.

Blair will be performing - Saturday, January 21st, noon (PST/SLT) - at Kickin' a range of styles, a bit of reggae, Caribbean, smooth jazz to rock. Then - on Sunday, January 22nd, he's back at Kickin' 6AMSLT.

He's got some other live gigs coming up soon, like Irie Vibes - check out the local events scene on the SL search browser.

Sonicity Fitzroy :)