Thursday, September 23, 2010

Faces Behind the Music

A typical night for me is checking out the music scene. Okay, after a long Wednesday in RL and a short nap, I checked the SL event listings, and was happy to catch the second half of an AcousticEnergy concert. If you don't know AE, here's a recent blog I wrote about him performing at Nantucket. On this Wednesday night, it was good to chill to AE's music, and to hear him mention my name in one of his songs (LOL), always fun even though that is part of his regular routine to mention names of his listeners and weave them into the lyrics.

* * *
So then I popped off to hear LizAday Solo. I recently featured her music on my SL Music Show (now Saturdays, 2-4PM SLT) on BOSL Radio. I never saw her in performance. So this was a great experience, to put voice to AV, at the venue Four Moons. All good fun. She was performing with golden Xenno on bass.

* * *
Then off to The Roof at NYC. Always a blast there, and plenty of live music compliments of owner Lingual Markus. Another cool guy. The Roof is styled for Big Apple lovers. On this night, Chip Takacs was performing. He started off with some classic Floyd, and then went through a range of rock tunes. Self admittedly, he was a bit nervous, but you couldn't tell. His show transitioned well and he had fun with his audience. His bio states that he is "a Motown & Clapton influenced Blues Guitar player. He digs oldies with a guitar sound & Classic Rock from the 60's and 70s. He has a typical Brooklyn attitude and isn't afraid to let it flow at his show, and the music has the same bend." You gotta love his accent, and the bit of seasoned gravel in his voice that added a nostaglic charm, as if stepping back a few decades.

Here's some shots below. BTW, he's the guy with the guitar. Lingual is hanging with BOSL events reporter, Kara Trapdoor.

See you around the grid.
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:) Soni

Friday, September 17, 2010

Moving Again!!!

Soni's Slow Bake - Second Life Musicians playing original tunes,
Saturdays, 2PM - 4PM SLT.
Live at the Renaissance Galleria in Second Life.
Come join me!!!!

Listen anywhere:

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Slow Bake at 3PM SLT this Sunday.

Change of time this week, but the show still features the best in Second Life musicans. Pass along some names of SL bands and artists to me.

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