Sunday, August 29, 2010

Featured Slow Bake Artists this Week

Being a DJ for BOSL Radio on the Glorious Second Life gives me a heads up on the latest and greatest Second Life musicians. This week, I debut two fine musicians, Dann Russo and Zerbie Magic, on my Slow Bake show (dedicated to SL musicians).
Slow Bake, BOSL Radio, Sundays, 2PM-4PMSLT

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Get on Trax for Music Magic!

Just a quick note where to find some of your favorite SL musicians. Visit Trax to sample some of SL's renowned artists and newcomers. You can listen to the featured albums displayed, and there are also live events too there. Check out the August calendar.

Stayed tuned as I feature the talented music of Zerbie Magic soon. Meanwhile, check her out on myspace. A good friend of mine, Lowe Runo, founder of the SL Machinima Artist Guild, produced a video of one of her tunes on the site as well. Good stuff!
Soni :)
Playing SL Music on BOSL Radio, Sunday afternoons, 2 to 4 PM SLT

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Metaverse Music Channel!!!!

Did you know...the All New Music Television Channel launches today,
Sunday, August 15th at 11AM SLT.

It is Metaverse TV's new all music channel, Grid Hitz. Today there is a "massive" kick off concert. Performance from Engrama, Lance Rembrandt, Ganjo Mokeev and the UKD Project. It will be a super concert today!

Very cool! For essential info to get there or to view,

:) Soni

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Request Line is Open :)

Just a reminder, I am always seeking originals from SL Musicians to play on my BOSL Radio shows. Email me!

Have a great idea for my show, or a request, just IM or Email!

:) Soni
Photo above, me at Club Nine, Monday nights, 8PM-10PM

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lovin SL Music

Featured this weekend on my show SLOW BAKE, CraigLyons Writer, Damian Carbenell (pictured above), Gina Stella, Mankind Tracer, The Follow, Strum Diesel, Lance Rembrandt, and Juel Resistance. More to come....

SLOW BAKE is all about featuring original music from SL musicians.

Email Sonicity for more info at